Prototype 2 Review

Prototype 2 is set 14 months after the first prototype (If you didn’t play the first Prototype then there is recap option that tells you what has occurred). You start as the angry James Heller who is searching to kill Alex Mercer (The protagonist from the first game) because Heller’s family was killed during the first outbreak. You see Mercer attack a helicopter and you run after him, while following him you see infected monsters and explosions everywhere. Once you finally catch up to him, Mercer infects you with the Virus and you become the next Prototype.


The main missions are a little repetitive because you do the same thing over and over again; it’s the same routine every time. The main story line is that Alex Mercer is building an army of evolved minions who have been infected with some of Mercers power. So you hack in to a Military or Blackwatch base and try to find information about Mercer and his followers. After you consume some soldiers and scientists you hunt down one of the evolved minions consume them and become one step closer to finding Mercer.

In Prototype 2 the combat system is similar to the previous game; the only difference is that now you can have two powers active at the same time. Some powers work better on certain enemies than others. So you can combine the powers for each combat situation. Heller has some of the same powers, but with some differences; his blade arms resembles more of a knife, his whip fist has small blades across the arm, Heller can perform devastating area attacks with his Hammer fists. Heller does not have the muscle mass power; instead he has a tendril attack which can cause devastating damage on a single enemy. In order to upgrade your powers you need to clear side missions. Leveling up will only allow you to increase regular attack strength.

The movement is probably my favorite part of Prototype 2. Like the first game you are able to run up walls, air dash and glide. In order to master movement you need to understand the basics of air dashing when you start you can barely jump and have one air dash, but when you level up you can obtain multiple air dashes. You are allowed to air dash only when you made contact with the ground and then jump. If running up a strait wall you cannot air dash unless there is at least another wall next to you. You can dash from wall to wall allowing you to move faster through the city.

The graphics in Prototype 2 are stunning. Whether you have a ground view from the street, or a bird’s eye view from on top of a building the graphics will make you feel like you are there in the moment. They are both similar yet at the same time different from the first prototype, the infected look the same, the Blackwatch have a different uniform on. Other than that they look the same. The carnage and the way people die have been improved to look more devastating.

One of my favorite things in the Prototype series is the amount of destruction you are able to make in free roam mode. Did someone bump into you? No problem grab them by the neck, run up a building and throw them from the top sending them spiraling down to their doom. You can destroy pretty much anything with anything. Use your fists, your powers, an assault rifle, a LMG, a Grenade launcher, or a rocket launcher. You can even control a Tank or attack Helicopter or if you wish rip the weapon systems from them and wreak havoc, the possibilities are endless.

Prototype 2 did a good job of keeping me hooked and wanting me to play more. The game brought me hours of entertainment and not once did I get tired of causing destruction. If you are looking for a RPG that will keep you entertained and hooked then I highly recommend that you go to your nearest store and purchase prototype 2 today!