PS3 Yellow Light Of Death


The xbox 360 is not the only console that has Red Ring of Death, the PS3 also has a similar problem, the Yellow Light of Death. If the ps3 wont boot up when you try turning it on, then the ps3 is useless. Watchdog took on the challenge in their live show tonight, Watchdog invited consumers who had suffered THE YELLOW LIGHT OF DEATH. they had their repair experts take a shot on solving the issue.Five PS3’s were repaired by two of thier repair experts in one hour.

Sony responded to the BBC and Watchdog saying:

You have informed us that this broadcast will include a report concerning faults alleged to affect PlayStation 3 consoles, and SCEUK’s policy on out-of-warranty (OOW) repairs. Most importantly, we entirely refute the suggestion that PS3 consoles have an inherent defect or other design issue which is akin to any warranty issue experienced by another console manufacturer. SCEUK has sold 2.5 million consoles in the UK since March 2007 and stands by the quality of its products. Clearly the allegations you propose to air in your program might have the potential to adversely effect Sony Computer Entertainment’s reputation for supplying high quality products and customer service and we take very seriously any issues that can impact the public’s or our customers’ confidence in those products.