PSP Trophies Are Coming?

I was just seating here playing god of war on my psp and I was wondering how great it would be if I was able to unlock a trophy for taking down a cyclops. Which got me thinking, why hasn’t sony added trophy’s to the psp. Unlocking achievements or trophies is a part of gaming now. Ever since microsoft introduced every gamer to achievements with the release of the 360. Many gamers like unlocking achievements and trophies for the bragging rights. One reason I like unlocking trophies is because it gives the game replay-ability. So with the release of the new PSP GO in the upcoming months, I would like to see trophies implemented on both devices (psp & psp go). it makes sense, trophies have received such a positive feed back on the ps3.psptrophies
The screen shot above is from what looks to be a trophy being unlocked. The game being played is the new SOCOM: fireteam Bravo 3. SOCOM is being develop by Slan Six who denie that being a trophy, they do say its an in game award. I don’t know about you guys but that sounds like a trophy to me. Sources say that SOCOM will be the first game to support trophies. Here hoping they Are here sounds.