2014-snake-eyesWhen did you start getting into gaming, and what attracted you to gaming?
I got into gaming at a young age when my older brother brought home an NES and the game Tecmo bowl. He handed me the controller and it all began. I didn’t get into competitive gaming until Halo came out for Xbox.  I thought Halo looked sick so I played it for fun and noticed that I was pretty good at it.  I decided to begin attending local tournaments and start competing with a team for 3v3s.  After competing in a few tournaments, I decided that I didn’t enjoy team-oriented games in a competitive format and moved onto single player competitive games.  After thinking back to all the different competitive games that I had played in the past, Street Fighter II was my favorite.  I picked up Street Fighter II Turbo and the rest is history.  

What are some of your biggest accomplishments in regards to Street Fighter?
 In my opinion, the biggest accomplishment to date would be winning EVO 2010 for Street Fighter II HD Remix.  Aside from that, I placed 9th at EVO 2013 for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012 and 4th place at EVO 2014 for Ultra Street Fighter 4.  EVO is the biggest fighting game tournament of the year where thousands of players from around the world come to compete.  Street Fighter is one of the more difficult games to remain consistent in due to its extremely high caliber players in the top 32.  Other accomplishments would include qualifying for Capcom Cup 2014, a 16-man tournament where you are required to qualify by obtaining points from placing high in tournaments around the world.  It’s been great to compete and win at other majors throughout the years such as Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Qualifier, The Fall Classic 2014, Absolute Battle 2014, Winter Brawl 2015, and more.

What other games do you play competitively or for fun?
I play nearly every 2D fighting game for fun. I also really enjoy playing games like Destiny, Final Fantasy, Dark Souls, Skyrim, etc.
What up and coming gaming events will you be attending?
I’ll be attending EVO 2015, EGL Dallas 10k, First Attack in Puerto Rico, Summer Jam, and SCR (…and whatever other tournaments are coming up!).