Ragnarok Online: Classic classes to get extended!

Gravity Interactive, the publishers of MMORPG Ragnarok Online, have announced the latest class reveals. In order to become one of these classes players must be a novice with a job level of atleast 10 as well as have one job change quest complete. Until the Transcendent class characters are released the available expandable class characters are limited to a job level of 50.  Some of these new expandable classes are :

  • Gunslinger-a gun-toting class that can equip  and build skills.
  • Ninja-able to attack with melee or even magic attacks
  • Tae Kwon Kid- this is a fun and fast class to play. you get up and personal with this one!
  • Soul Linker- to become a soul linker players must 1st be a Tae Kwon Kid at level 40 or above. this class is a second level for Tae Kwon Kid.’

To find out more you can go to http://www.playragnarok.com/news/updatedetail.aspx?id=215&p=1!