Rainbow Moon Review

As Rainbow Moon starts out you see the protagonist Baldren looking for his arch-rival as he is searching Baldren comes across a portal, little did he know that he arch-rival was behind him and zapped Baldren into the portal sending him and many monsters to Rainbow Moon.

As soon as I started up the game I immediately noticed the stunning graphics. The character and enemy design gives you the feel of an old school RPG, while the back ground gives you an anime style feel. The variety of enemies is massive from a simple bee to a robot that shoots lasers. The sound track is amazing the up-beat music made the battle seem even more exciting. When walking though the town the sound track made it seem so peaceful, then during the battles it got you pumped.

The gameplay is great in Rainbow Moon. There are two ways to enter a battle one is by walking into the enemies roaming around the moon, or you encounter random battles that you have the option of doing or not. Once in the battle you will notice that the battle style is turn-based. The gameplay is similar to Final Fantasy Tactics, at the top left of the screen you have the turn counter which tells you whose turn it is and who is next to move. At the start you are only able to move or attack once per turn, but as you level up you obtain sun-turns which lets you move more per turn.  You can also unlock different starting formations though out the game.


During battles you can have 3 characters on your side at once, but you can be fighting massive amounts of enemies at once. As the game progresses your strategy needs to become more advanced, in the beginning it’s alright to rush in but as the enemies get stronger you need to play a little more cunning. Sometimes it’s smarter to defend instead of going for the extra hit. You will need to make good use of each of your characters strengths in order to succeed.

Each character and enemy has a weapon specialty. Like Fire Emblem some weapons are good against other weapons and bad against other weapons. There are six weapon types: Swords, Bows, Lances, Slingshots, Axes, and Staffs. During battle there are White, Blue, or Yellow damage numbers when you use a weapon that’s good against another weapon you get Blue damage numbers which gives you plus 37.5%, damage when you use a weapon the is bad against another weapon you get Yellow numbers which give you minus 37.5% damage. When you use a weapon that is neither good nor bad against another weapon you get White numbers which gives you no bonus damage.

Here is the chart:   


For beating enemies you obtain Rainbow Pearls, Rainbow Pearls are used to level up your characters attributes. This is crucial to making the game easier as the enemies get harder. Only the character that kills the enemy gets the Rainbow Pearls, so make sure you take that into account when coming up with a strategy. You also obtain Rainbow Coins; these are used for buying items and upgrading your equipment. The most important thing to use your Rainbow Coins for is healing your party. Healers can be found in town, on the road, and even in dungeons. So be on the look out for them cause trust me, your going to need them.

I really enjoyed playing Rainbow Moon; I am nowhere near beating the main story. If you are like me and enjoy trying to get all the trophy’s in the game then you are in for at least 100 hours of game play, not only that but there is a trophy for leveling up one character to level 500. Rainbow Moon will give you hours upon hours of gameplay and entertainment for only 15$ on PSN. I highly recommend that any fan of JPRG’s purchase this game.