Rank Up Your Game Promotion Has Begun

The famous promotion from Activision has finally started. In order to participate you have to purchase either a Mountain Dew product or a Doritos product labeled with Call of Duty: MM3. With each purchase you will receive an amount depending on your product of double xp to go towards Call of Duty: MW3. You also get a trading card that can help you win more time and a sweepstakes entry into a handful of prizes. I personally believe that this is very stereotypical of the everyday gamer, eat Doritos and drink Mountain Dew all day, but I also think it is a fun concept. They currently have leaderboards up on their website rankupxp.com and the leader has 162 hours of double xp. I think that it is pretty ridiculous, but they capped it at 24 hours per in-game profile so you don’t have to worry about falling behind to far if you are not a junk food person. It would be awesome if you guys would post in the comments section about your thoughts on this promotion.