Ranking the top 5 Tight Ends in the Nfl

NFL: AFC Championship-Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots

The NFL has evolved into a revolutionary game in which tight ends are more valuable than ever. Tight ends are a huge threat in the elite offenses. Finding a good tight end is crucial for offenses who want to keep up with top teams in the league. The patriots have the two best tight ends in the league. This sets them apart from the rest of the league, and it creates huge match up problems for any defense. The following are the top 5 tight ends.

1. Gronkowski- This guy is just a beast. He has great strength, great hands, and a great will to compete. He is could very well be the best tight end in the history of the NFL.

2. Hernandez- Hernandez would be the best tight end if Gronkowski was not around. Hernandez has speed, hands, and versatility. Hernandez will be a future hall of famer due to his incredible skills.

3. Jimmy Graham- Graham is like a raw version of Gronkowski. He is still learning the position. He is incredibly talented however. His size and hands make him Bree’s favorite target.

4. Jason Witten- Witten is a reliable option for his offense year in and year out. He continues to produce even with his declining age.

5. Vernon Davis- Davis has the potential to be a great tight end. He has way to many drops, and sometimes fails to make an impact in the game. His speed however separates him from the average tight end.