Real Football Knowledge Part 1

In an effort to enhance the quality of gameplay in all video football games be they Madden,NCAA, etc. I am going to do my part in sharing some football knowledge resources with you. This particular video is from the ESPN NFL Matchup show. The show features former NFL Players Merril Hodge and Ron Jaworski. Now the beauty of this show is that the detail not only what happens but why it happens. In doing so you as the viewer learn real NFL concepts and not made up ones out of some stratedgy guide.

Now on this edition of Real Footbal knowledge we are look at the Pittsburgh Steelers and their Fire Cover 3 Blitz scheme. Now it is worth bringing up that this is the point of playing games like Madden. The goal is to have people executing real NFL schemes and not glitchy or cheesey manuvers. So I hope you enjoy it and implement this in your Madden bag of tricks.