Review A + X #8 “Two Girls and a Dragon”


It’s another double dose of Avengers and X-Men teaming up for some quick fun you won’t find anywhere else. In the first story, Spider-Woman drags Lockheed and an irritated Shadowcat to recover a metal fallen from space that is in the process of being sold to the highest bidder. Did I mention Kitty is hardly in the mood for having her Sunday ruined? In the second story, Hawkeye decides for some reason to call upon the help of everyone’s favorite Merc with the Mouth, Deadpool, to rescue a good friend from pirates. Surprisingly, Clint seems not to be bothered by the absurdity of the situation.

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The cover story was supposed to be Wolverine and Captain, but that has been bumped back an issue. Marvel makes note of this at the end of the book and we’re instead treated to another adventure with Shadowcat and Lockheed teaming with an Avenger. Gerry Duggan writes a neat little story that shows just how great of a heroine Shadowcat is and why it feels like it will be a matter of time before she ends up on the Avengers herself. I kind of wish he did more with the fact that Lockheed has as much love for Spider-Woman as Kitty, but I guess that will be served for another team-up. Salvador Larroca illustrates the tale and I couldn’t be happier. Combined with the wonderful coloring by David Ocampo and you have arguably one of the most lovely looking stories in the whole series. In short, this is one of the better little tales thus far.

ax08-pageChristopher Hastings writes the unlikely duo of Hawkeye and Deadpool that could have been a lot funnier than it ended up becoming. I imagine the length has prevented him from really getting more out of the two, where the best parts are Deadpool commenting on the fact both have individual solo books and later trying to find a teasing name that hasn’t already been used for Clint with the last one bringing a smile to my face. The artwork by Reilly Brown is very good and is actually rather complimentary with the earlier story. It helps that Brad Armstrong colors the tale quite well, resulting in a fairly good-looking book overall. I just wish Hastings could have done more with the possibilities that would come from such a team-up.

While not an issue that features any particularly memorable story, this is still nonetheless a fine addition to a series that is just a plain old fun read. The Shadowcat and Spider-Woman team up features beautiful art and continues to showcase the greatness of Kitty Pryde. While there is a lot of missed potential from the Hawkeye and Deadpool team-up, it’s still a decent little tale. Overall, I have no problem recommending this issue of A + X to any one looking for a nice read to kill time.

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