Review Age of Ultron #1 “Holocaust”



It is the present and New York City is a shell of its former self. Occupied in full by the artificial intelligence known as Ultron. Hawkeye goes against orders and engages in a solo mission to infiltrate a building occupied by the combined forces of Hammerhead and The Owl. Though this defiance may ultimately get him exiled from the other heroes, Hawkeye strongly believes in being proactive. Thus he finds himself in enemy territory trying to save a captured hero: Spider-Man.

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Age of Ultron is the big event of 2013 for Marvel. It is a throwback to one of the best Avengers stories Ultron Unlimited, only it shows Hank Pym’s nightmarish creation taking over and the heroes placed in a dire predicament. With this opening issue, Brian Michael Bendis writes quite the suspense venture as Hawkeye works his way through the combined mob forces to rescue Spider-Man before any of the Ultron forces are alerted to their location. It’s always an interesting approach to begin the story in-progress as it were and wait until later to explain how things came about. Bendis makes this approach work, in my opinion, to show just how bleak the situation really is and drive interest into seeing not only how it happens, but also how the heroes can fight back.


It’s been a very long-time since I last looked at a book illustrated by Bryan Hitch. I notice that he draws the characters more loose than he had ten years ago, while still managing to maintain his strong sense of realism. There is fluidity to the way the characters move and the facial expressions show honest fear whenever a character feels it. Paul Neary does a great job of making sure the ink lines enhance the illustrations and the coloring by Paul Mounts wonderfully evokes the dark, austere setting of New York in the aftermath of whatever event caused Ultron to take over.

Age of Ultron appears to be off to a good start with this issue. Bendis has written quite the intriguing suspense thriller of Hawkeye trying to rescue Spider-Man. Bryan Hitch and the art team craft together some beautiful pictures of a grim world ruled by chaos and destruction. I am very much looking forward to see what else is in store for us as the series progresses. As such, I will gladly recommend readers to pick this one up.

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