Review All New X-Men #11 “Consequences”


One of the original five is breaking off to join present-day Cyclops and his team of X-Men. Things do not go well as a result as one of the other original five ignites a scary situation in an effort to stop the defection. And when the dust finally settles, no one is happy with present-day Beast. Meanwhile, Mystique and the Brotherhood of Mutants continue to cause havoc disguised as Wolverine and the original five. Which means it won’t be long before the Avengers are called in to deal with what’s going on.

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By now everyone should know that it is almost a given that I am going to give this a glowing review. It is, after all, All New X-Men. So I would like to take this time to examine one scene that really illustrates better than any other why Brian Michael Bendis is hitting a grand slam with this book. After all of the chaos that happens when Angel defects, which was spoiled in Uncanny X-Men #4 about a week ago, Jean and Kitty have one of the most emotional heart-to-heart conversations I ever read in a comic book. Kitty makes it very clear that Jean is reacting horribly to what her future will become and how she is abusing her powers as a result. This scene is so wonderfully written that I cannot imagine any other writer being able to do better. You can feel the pain that Jean is feeling right down to the core and the strength Kitty evokes in trying to be the mentor to the younger version of her own.

anxm11-pageAnother major reason for the astronomical success of the title has been the artwork. Stuart Immonen, Wade von Grawbadger, and Marte Gracia have been delivering on so many levels that some of panels they create should be hung up in major museums. It may seem like I’m exaggerating, and I probably am, but there is no denying that they are delivering some of the best comic book pages to be published today. Coming back to the heart-to-heart between Jean and Kitty, the sheer beauty that all three produce is breathtaking. There is a fantastic panel where light is shining down upon Kitty’s back, illuminating her as she speaks while Jean is sulking under some shadow, her eyes looking away with embarrassment. The drawing by Immonen is spot on, the inks by von Grawbadger only enhance the look of the characters, and the coloring by Gracia is perfect.

What more can I say about All New X-Men that I and others have not already said. It is arguably the best book being published by Marvel today, in the running for being the best of all comic books published today even. Brian Michael Bendis is doing such a fantastic job that I don’t know if I can ever accept someone else writing this book or even these characters. Stuart Immonen and his art team are creating masterpiece after masterpiece of pages that elevate the book to further greatness. If you have not already, and shame on you if this is the case, I urge you to pick up All New X-Men.

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