Review All New X-Men #16 “No Fate But What We Make”


The Uncanny X-Men review video footage or their latest encounter with Sentinels, but even Cyclops tends to forget how sudden, unexpected phenomena can weigh emotionally on a young soul like Triage. Back at the Jean Grey Institute, X-Men from the future have arrived to let everyone know that the original five must return to their time. While many of the faces of these older mutants look familiar, Jean Grey is not sure if they can be trusted. Particularly when she’s being blocked from reading their minds.
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Picking up right when X-Men: Battle of the Atom #1 left off, Brian Michael Bendis continues to learn from what readers didn’t like about Age of Ultron and develop a much better event story out of Battle of the Atom. It helps the slow, yet deliberate pacing allows for things to really build up quite nicely. It’s interesting to watch how the present-day X-Men are in awe of the future coming to them, but still manage to stay on their toes. The big reveal of something shocking involving one of the future X-Men is sure to make a lot of heads turn in a good way as it is a surprise I certainly was not expecting. Which shows that Bendis certainly has something exciting up his sleeve for the story that I am very much looking forward to.
anxm16-pageStuart Immonen and Wade von Grawbadger return after a one-issue break to flesh out the look of the future X-Men. It’s great to have them on board with the story as they have been absolutely essential to the success of All New X-Men. There’s a great few panels during a two-page spread where Jean is looking suspiciously from one future X-Man, claiming to be Xavier’s grandson, to another. And how they look back at her and the concerned expression on her face tells a great deal about how she is handling the situation. It also provides a bit of context to whether her suspicions are justifiable. Of course, you can’t have great art from Immonen and von Grawbadger without the brilliant coloring of Marte Gracia. He maintains the style he used in Battle of the Atom #1, managing to keep things consistent with the look of the story.

All New X-Men has been my pick for best comic published by Marvel today. This issue adds another layer of how great Battle of the Atom is shaping up to be. Deliberate pacing by Brian Michael Bendis allows for some great drama to be crafted. The wonderful artwork from Stuart Immonen, Wade von Grawbadger, and Marte Gracia is just astonishing. Along with Battle of the Atom #1, All New X-Men #16 comes highly recommended. A return to form after the slight drop with last issue.

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