Review All-New X-Men #18 “The New in All New”


Beast brought the original five X-Men to the present in the belief that they could help prevent Cyclops from potentially bringing about a terrible future. But when a different future came to them, the actions of Wolverine and his X-Men have made the original five feel slighted. What’s worse, it appears something is preventing them from returning to their time. With only Kitty Pryde having their back, they made the fateful decision to leave the Jean Grey Institute. And join Cyclops and his Uncanny X-Men.
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All-New X-Men is arguably the one book in all of the X-Men titles that is dealing with the repercussions of Battle of the Atom the most. Brian Michael Bendis looks to be calming down a bit after all of the chaos that happened in the big story event and now able to get back into the groove he had been going with the series prior. The added complexity of Jean’s well-being and how it is affecting her love-life is a tight-rope that honestly should be tread carefully, due to how much magical history Jean and Scott have as well as how going in such a direction could really affect her character all the more. Yet Bendis is one of the few I believe can make the balancing act work.
anxm18-pageIt’s wonderful having the magnificent art team of Stuart Immonen, Wade von Grawbadger, and Marte Gracia back in full again. The way they are able to bring each page to life is beautiful and so pleasing to look at. Certain a relief from how suddenly inconsistent the art to Battle of the Atom was. Just look at the way they handle Jean and Hank’s argument. Not only from the way the characters move, as well as poor Benjamin from Uncanny X-Men being an unfortunate witness, but how Gracia colors each panel. It’s absolutely breath-taking.

Since I’ve harped to the hills about how great the art team is, let me take a short minute to talk about the the three Marvel AR bits that appear in this issue. The cover obviously provides a recap of the series to date and there’s a goofy episode of “As the Page Turns.” The third can be humorous to some, but also a bit of an annoyance to others as it takes a comedic take on two panels and goes overboard. I found it to be an annoyance, to tell you the truth.

Any way, All-New X-Men is back on solid ground after Battle of the Atom. Brian Michael Bendis is writing a much tighter and incredible story while the art team lead by Stuart Immonen creates another series of beautiful pages to look at. So once again, the series is back to being highly recommended.

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