Review Aquaman #16 “Somewhere Beneath the Sea”


The Justice League has been defeated, tried, and sentenced to death by “dark water” exile. Taken far beneath the murky depths of the ocean lie places that even the Atlantians dear not tread. In this place they send their most villainous criminals to die. Here in this forbidden aquatic nightmare the Justice League is held captive. With death as the only foreseen horizon they must escape and learn the secrets that this sunken tomb encloses. While the battle for dry land rages above by the auxiliary members of the Justice League, the captives pray for rescue.

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In regards comic books there are characters you like and characters you do not. You buy the issues of the characters you adore and actively avoid the issues of those you do not. For me Aquaman is that character. D.C Comics has developed a brilliant strategy to persuade readers to by issues of characters that they do not care for, the crossover. It has become apparent to me that D.C Comics principle marketing scheme is to crossover every single issue with another characters to form an overlapping arc. Most occasions this initiative fails to deliver without an all-encompassing event to follow. In this circumstance D.C Comics master strategy has worked. After reading this issue D.C Comics has temporarily changed my views of the character and indoctrinated me into millions of Aquaman fans.

Picking up from where Justice League issue 16 left off Aquaman brings the reader a new insight into the history of Atlantis. Geoff Johns does an excellent job of furthering the story line. His dialogue was simple and his narrative was easy to follow. I enjoy when a writer does not over complicate the plot. He kept it so simple yet added great depth the arc “Throne of Atlantis”.  Geoff Johns simplistic writing allowed the artist team to really shine.


I must say the highlight of this issue was seeing Hawkman bashing Atlantians with his club. Inker Sean Parsons really excelled though out this entire issue, it felt as if every pen stroke brought forth a world of detail in every panel. This artistic team really gelled together producing a true artistic spectacle. I really wish some of the other titles in this story arc possessed the same artistic and writing credibility as Aquaman issue 16. These subtle inconsistencies make following the arc incredibly difficult. One team may be vastly superior to another giving the arc a disconnected feel that drains ones desire to follow. This issue however was one of the few that increase a reader’s curiosity and compels them to read the next issue.

Aquaman issue 16 was a very good comic book. The narrative is simple and direct giving lead way to a dynamic artistic exhibition that propels the arc into the nest issue. For the first time in this arc I find myself excited to read the next. Aquaman #16 receives 8 out of 10. D.C finally gets this arc on track.


How do you feel about all of D.C comics crossovers? Is it too much? Discuss and comment below and as always follow me on Twitter @pzenns

3 thoughts on “Review Aquaman #16 “Somewhere Beneath the Sea”

  1. You know I never did like crossovers. I guess its just to much to keep up with and none of it really makes sense to be honest. You would think being a huge DC fan that I would read them but eh I guess not. Anyways, I never really got that much into Aquaman. I guess not a superhero that I really enjoyed. Unless you know of an issue that is good?

  2. Hey, thanks for the nice review of the book. I had a blast inking it and I’m thrilled that it came across in print.
    -sean parsons

  3. Sean thank you so much for reading my review. The ink work in comics is so important me as a comic book reader. It really adds the aesthetic feel to an entire issue. It is such an honor to have someone that I admire read the review. Your work on this issue was truly a revelation. Will you be at wonder con or comic con? I would love an autograph of Aquaman.

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