Review Aquaman #17 “Whale Wars”




The reign of Orm is over and the age of Arthur King of Atlantis has begun. First upon the royal docket is to rid the seas of those who would rape its bounty. As the new King rises his royal policies are met with frustration and anger. With the surface deeming him as an enemy and Atlantis judging him as a feeble King, Arthur fights for what really matters. For year the surface dwellers have polluted and murdered the ocean and those who live in it. Arthur is far more than the King of Atlantis but King of the entire ocean and he plans to let the world know it.

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There has been a lot on the plate of Geoff Johns of late but it has not damped his ability to write. This was by far the best comic he has written this year. Every word of dialogue in this comic was brilliant. Aquaman has always been a mediocre character. This comic has changed the paradigm of Aquaman forever. For the first time that I have seen (granted I have in the past avoided Aquaman comics) Arthur has a purpose. I love the “Whale Wars” reference is the beginning of the comic. Arthur has always used the creatures of the sea as weapons and Johns has taken that idea and flipped it upside down. Aquaman now protects the sea itself and all that dwell in it. With all the comics relaunched in D.C Comics New 52 Aquaman is quickly becoming the best. From someone who has never liked the character of Aquaman I have become a fan thanks to the amazing narrative provided by Geoff Johns.


It appears that Geoff Johns always receives the very best artists D.C Comics has to offer. This comic book is a gleaming example of what to do when illustrating an issue. Every panel in this comic is beautiful to behold. Penciller Paul Pelletier is phenomenal throughout this entire comic. From the barnacles growing on Murk’s face and body to sheen radiating from Arthur’s armor Pelletier brings the sea to life. The beauty of this comic does not only belong solely to Paul Pelletier’s stellar drawings but also to the rest of his team. Inker Sean Parsons Continues to impress with his mastery of the pen. With the hands of a surgeon he adds every nuance of detail into the comic book. Combined the vision of Pelletier, the skill of Parsons, and the stunning color scheme of Rod Reis and you get the perfect aesthetic to a brilliantly scripted comic book.


This was one of the best comics in the New 52 line up. I have become a fan of Aquaman after reading this issue. I have never been genuinely excited for an Aquaman comic before and now I can say I am. Geoff Johns shows off his talent and originality in this issue. I give Aquaman #17 a 10 out of 10. The ocean has become an interesting place to live.

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