Review Avengers #19 “Fighting the Unknown”


Captain Marvel and her crew have been captured. And while they are intrigued at her being a half-breed, part human and part Kree, they are more interested in certain members present in her crew. In particular Captain Universe. The Galactic Council try to figure out their next move and Captain America suggests speaking with Ex Nihilo, who is a Gardener on their side. But J-Son of Spartax has other plans. One that could easily backfire on him and everyone else.
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My understanding is that it’s not entirely necessary to read the Captain Marvel tie-ins, even though they deal specifically within the Infinity conflict. I’m hopeful this is the case because Jonathan Hickman certainly has something special planned and it would be a huge blow if the tie-in book messes with what has been planned roughly a year in advance. Hickman continues to develop the Builders into truly disturbing adversaries who line of thinking is more than enough to make your skin crawl. Which makes for excellent drama in how the Avengers and the Galactic Council hope to combat them. I particularly like the way they are able to exploit so many militaristic strategies that come at them and use them to their advantage without having to compromise. These are some terrifying villains Hickman is presenting.
avengers19-pageLeinil Francis Yu has been an excellent addition to the Infinity creative time. His illustrations really add to the atmosphere of all that is happening, the fear that this is a fight the Avengers and the rest of the universe may not be able to win. There’s a really cool drawing he does of how Captain Marvel responds to a Gardener questioning her. It’s rather subtle at first glance, but a closer look shows that Yu is able to convey so much strength and character in so few pencil and ink lines. Sunny Gho elevates the artwork with his wonderful colors. Yu tends to intensify the inks at times, but Gho is able to work with it and add depth and definition that really bring out some wonderful looking pages.

The issue of Avengers continues to tell what is shaping into a magnificent event in Infinity. Jonathan Hickman is creating some really creepy villains that makes for some delicious drama and Leinil Yu enhances the storytelling with his awesome illustrations. I can’t wait to read Infinity as a whole, but for now, this is a great enough issue that it is highly recommended for those who are enjoy the ride like I am.

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