Review Avengers A.I. #1 “Robots in Disguise”


Monica Chang is the new S.H.I.E.L.D. Artificial Intelligence Division Chief. She has arrested Dr. Hank Pym as the virus he used to destroy Ultron has evolved rampantly. Called “Dimitrios,” it has mounted numerous cyberattacks against secure military and intelligence targets, arming itself for war with the real world. And Hank’s signature is all over them. Fortunately, Captain America steps in to prevent the interrogation from getting any worse. It’s now up to Hank to put together a team of Avengers to stop what no one else can even comprehend.

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The premise that Stan Humphries is working with is an interesting one. A team of Avengers to negotiate between humans and artificial intelligence. It could lead to a very unique book indeed. In the meantime, Humphries decides to bulldoze through the set-up phase of the book and move everything along about a quickly as possible. Not necessarily the best thing in the world when you have characters speaking at a hundred miles an hour, making for some conversation that readers will certainly find incomprehensible. Even how the team gets together is extremely rushed, leaving little room for explanation and requiring readers to simply accept it. Perhaps the one amusing thing to come out of the whole issue is Doombot, though I’m sure folks will believe that he will wear out his welcome in time.

aai01-pageAndre Lima Araujo illustrates the book, carrying over from his duties drawing Age of Ultron #10AI. Him illustrating this book may not have been the best decision in the world as his style just doesn’t seem to fit with the concept. I have some issues with the way characters appear in scale and a lot of the designs just come off as a bit cartoony. It kind of makes one yearn for cover artist Dustin Weaver or someone else to illustrate the book, really. Furthermore, Frank D’armata colors the book and it just really lacks the kind of depth and definition needed to really make all of the visuals stand out. The colors instead appears rather flat and somewhat muted, even with the pages of Vision in space.

Avengers A.I. has a very interesting concept, but the first issue does not quite succeed and making a good early impression. Stan Humphries speeds through the book way too quickly. even though he introduces an amusing character in Doombot. And I believe Andre Lima Araujo is not the right fit for the book as his artwork is a little too cartoony for what is really needed. For the time being, I can’t quite recommend Avengers A.I. However, I’m hopeful they will be able to figure things out soon to make it work.

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