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Review A+X #12 “Captain America and… Jubilee?”


Another pair of stories where Avengers and X-Men team up for some short adventures. In the first tale, Beast drops by the Avengers Mansion and finds himself running into Wonder Man. With so much that has happened to the both of them, they decided to take the time to see if they can repair their broken friendship. In the second story, a German U-Boat has been found deep in the Louisiana Gulf Coast. Obviously World War II veteran Captain America is going to investigate. So why has he asked Jubilee to tag along?
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Been a while since I tackled this book. Seeing Jubilee appear and teaming up with Captain America no less was what obviously drew me to check it out. But let’s begin with the first story. Christos gage writes a fairly decent story of two friends catching up and patching things up with a night on the town. It’s rather interesting seeing the trouble they get into, or rather the trouble Beast gets into since Wonder Man has become a pacifist. After a few pages, though, it runs a wee little too long and it can be rather easy to skim to the end. The artwork by David Williams is fine, though it doesn’t really do much to enhance the story. There are some funny bits to be sure, what the two try to do to a sleeping Wolverine, but the pacing doesn’t work.
ax12-pageNow to the main attraction. Justin Jordan writes what can easily be described as a throw back to some of the pulp horror stories of old. And yet he puts a nice spin to it by way of the reason Captain America enlists Jubilee for the mission, and not because of what they ended up encountering. The communication between the two is done in a thoughtful manner, keep their characters true while generating a unique type of chemistry between them. The illustrations by Angel Unzueta is just as nice as the story itself, also providing a throw back to the pulp stories while incorporating his own little touches to make it all work together. By the time I reach the end of the story, I can’t wait for more interactions between the two.

This issue of A+X realizes the opportunity for the most unlikely of pairings to happen in the form of Captain America and Jubilee. While the Beast and Wonder Man story is alright, the randomness they experience hampers the pacing. But coming back to the Captain America and Jubilee story, it works wonderfully that it would be great to see them together again down the road. That story alone is worth recommending this issue of A+X.

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