Review Batman 17 (What’s in the BOX!!)


The Dark Knight is defeated. All of his family sits helplessly before him, black bagged and bound. The Joker has one last jest for his captive audience, and this one is bound to make them laugh their faces off. He has planned a dinner party in Batman’s honor with a first course to die for. The Jokers true ambition is the Final Joke, The last straw that will cause Batman to finally kill him. With so much on the line will Batman finally cross it? Witness the grand finally of “Death of The Family”.

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Let me begin by saying I feel like a few people are not going to comprehend the brilliance of this culmination. I fear that the complexity of this climax will be underappreciated. Ultimately The Joker finally wins, pushing Batman over the edge and on the verge of killing him. In the end, the family is torn apart and The Joker has the last laugh. Everything in the issue was perfect. It is often said the most terrifying thing in the world is the truth. Every word from The Jokers mouth was complete truth with a twist of insanity and obsession. Batman’s deep seeded fear of losing himself within the act of murder is a topic that has been touched on before, but never has The Joker crossed the lines he did during this issue. More importantly never has The Dark Knight been pushed this far. The conclusion of this new classic is both beautiful and tragic. The ingenuousness of Scott Snyder is apparent from first laugh to the last. Snyder has secured his spot as one of the greatest scripters of Batman of all time and the creator of the most insane and twisted Jokers ever.


It is one thing to write crazy, it is a completely different challenge to draw crazy. It is so easy to go over the top and take illustrations too far. Greg Capullo handled this feat with a Batman like precision. Drawing a twisted clarity that perfectly mirrored the narrative Snyder set forth. Every panel is subtlety obscure yet detailed down to the fly on the wall. I was greatly impacted by the touching scene that Capullo drew of Batman embracing his son (see above). The entire team stretched their artistic talents to near a superhuman quality. Jonathan Glapion was beyond amazing in this issue. His ink work in the comic was vital to the story, detailing everything down to the tread count on the bloody bandages the wrapped the heads of Batman’s Family.

I could write about the intricacies of this issue for years to come. From the mind of Scott Snyder perfection in brought to life. I will never view Batman and The Joker the same way again. A great issue terrifies, thrills, and transports its reader to a place that transcends their lives. Scott Snyder and his artistic team had achieved that a far more.  Batman issue 17 is an instant classic that will be debated of the foreseeable future. I have never read a better Batman and Joker comic book arc. Batman #17 receives a 10 out of 10. There is no more fitting ending to Scott Snyder’s Joker Epic.


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