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The Red Hood has begun expanding from non-criminal’s blackmailed into service to recruiting rival gangs. Confronted by his caretaker Alfred Pennyworth Bruce Wayne is forced to admit the war he wages is lost. As Bruce struggles with how to fight a war he cannot win he discovers a terrible truth, Gotham is too small for Bruce Wayne to stay dead. With his identity exposed he becomes a target, one that follows a question mark.

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As I have stated before it takes a whole lot of ball’s to retell an origin story of any Superhero let alone one as well-known as Batman, but when D.C comics called for a miracle Scott Snyder as delivered it. The origin he is crafting is one that has every twist fans have come to expect from an origins story. I have really enjoyed how Snyder has touched on Bruce Wayne’s parents without focusing on it. I think it’s safe to say any real fan and reader of batman comics knows that his parents were murdered in front of him. Taking that into account Snyder has really focused on how Bruce becomes the Dark Knight. It’s not as if he woke up one morning with the idea to become the night after all.


With the second installment of this arc Snyder brings us in at a time where The Red Hood and his gang is ever expanding and Bruce is lost in how to keep his identity safe while fighting a losing battle. I love how he is constantly in disguise as ordinary citizens and battles evil as if he embodies the people of Gotham. This idea is one that feels organic to Bruce Wayne’s progress and a great stepping stone from being the face of the people to the cowl of vengeance. There is truly a great moment between Alfred and Bruce that had me at the edge of my seat. When an argument breaks out and harsh word are said that could never be taken back sparking a hurt that felt as real as if I was watching my own parents fight. This was a mark of what is to be the new Batman slandered, my only hope is that Scott Snyder can continue to bring forth these kind of moment in his comics to come.



This issue was yet another triumph for Greg Capullo. This artist was born to draw Batman comics. Every page and every panel has purpose and relays Scott Snyder’s dialog in the most seamless fashion. The detail on Alfred’s face as he slapped Bruce felt so real and genuine that you could read the deep hurt he felt as Bruce’s callous words struck his heart. Even more so impressive was the why he laid out the conversation between Bruce and Edward Nigma, utilizing the Oroboros game as a platform for Nigma’s riddles. This issue is a master piece of comic book illustration.


Batman 22 is another example of the genius of Scott Snyder and the talent of Greg Capullo. In two issues they have begun to redefine the history of the world’s greatest and most notorious Superhero and to my surprise I have no issue with the direction they have chosen to go. So once again I am forced to give Batman #22 another 10 of 10. Continued perfection into the dark of Bruce Wayne.speech-bubble-quote-background copy

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  1. I have to say that I wasn’t sure where this was going to go but I have to say that Scott is doing a really good job! I love it!!

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