Review Batman and Robin #17 “A Dream within a Dream”



The Joker has been conquered but not defeated. The psychological impact that The Joker has inflected is finally taking its toll, in the body and the mind. After an exhausting night on patrol Batman and Robin head off to bed. Here is where The Jokers real game begins. As our heroes drift off to sleep The Joker begins to play. Forced to relive the most terrifying and real moment from their past alongside their most inner fears. They experience dreams to die for and dreams that kill the soul.

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This issue will rank amongst the most ingeniously subtle comics I have ever read. Writer Peter J. Tomasi burst though the shadows of Scott Snyder monumental story arc to have a moment in the sun. Like I stated before this issue is subtle, the small moments within the issue are beautiful to behold. There is an occurrence in the midst of Robin’s dream where he has a conversation with the Al Ghul side of himself that blew my mind. Every word written on every page is meaningful and directly relates to the intricate web that is their histories. This is one of the finest pieces of writing that I have ever read. I’m saddened to think that some people might miss out on the experience of reading this amazing issue. Tomasi’s writing is truly a work of art.


There are copious reasons I have fallen in love with this comic, amongst them is Patrick Gleason’s art work. He fully displays in great detail every line of Tomasi’s amazing narrative. The word art is loosely thrown around the comic book realm, but this issue is truly art. An erratic dream state is displayed that is eerie and elegant.

Releasing this issue the same day as Scott Snyder’s conclusion of “Death of the Family” is a travesty but I believe that if enough positive reviews come out on this issue people will read it. This is not your typical Batman and Robin comic book, in its place we receive an opus of the inner struggle that we never see. This issue was a gift to Batman fans and that is why Batman and Robin receives a 10 out of 10. The surprise issue of the year.


I normally give you a question to discuss; here I’m giving you a command. Go out and buy this comic and read it. Post below what you thought of it or post your thought to my Twiiter @pzenns.