Review Batman Incorporated #8 “Spoiled In Advance”



Talia al Ghul has occupied Wayne Tower and Leviathan is taking control of Gotham City. Batman is tied up and trapped in a submerged safe, Nightwing tries in vain to help Commissioner Gordon subdue the mob of brainwashed children, and Red Robin can’t advance further than the lobby of Wayne Tower. This is the scene that Robin sees when he enters the fray to stop his mother from succeeding with her plans. But it just may be too late for someone within Batman Incorporation to get out of the fight alive.

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By now most everyone probably knows what happens in this issue thanks to the ending being leaked to the New York Post this week. And with Grant Morrison and DC Comics pretty much confirming the spoiler publicly, I guess there’s no point in trying to conceal the fact that Damian Wayne bites the dust. But then with the way Morrison writes the issue, it just seems that this is the inevitable conclusion. From the way Talia taunts Bruce as he struggles to free himself as quickly as he can to the brief conversation Damian and Dick have strengthening their brotherly bond, it pretty much is set up to be like a eulogy to the character Morrison has worked so hard to develop into being likable.


Chris Burnham illustrates the book with the exception of three pages concerning Red Robin, which were drawn instead by Jason Masters. Burnham has every panel moving very fast and rather loose, giving the impression of what the world is like when adrenaline is running high in the heat of battle. The pages Masters draws flow nicely with the rest of the book, with one page providing the only moment where everything slows down a little. The focus is, of course, the last few pages where Damian valiantly battles his clone The Heretic. Knowing what ultimately happens does take away some of the impact of every hit Damian takes, but it is no less emotional when the fatal blow is made.

Batman Incorporated #8 is a good book all things considering. Morrison scripts quite the roller-coaster that is sure to give readers a lot of thrills before hitting the tragic conclusion. The artwork by Chris Burnham along with Jason Masters is effective both in the action sequences and in the dramatic finale. No doubt a lot of readers have already picked up this book and don’t need me to let them know whether I would recommend them to do so or not. Aside from needing to get caught up on the events leading to this big moment, I would probably recommend the book any way.

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