Review Blue Microphones “Snowball”


Thanks to Blue Microphones I got the opportunity to sit down with their amazing Snowball microphone. The company Blue is quoted in stating that it is the finest professional USB mic. Well that statement is no lie! This is the most versatile mic I have ever used. During my tenure in a collegiate recording arts program and the all years I have spent in and building recording studios it’s comforting to see that all that time, money, and knowledge was for nothing. Where you would normally require an cardio condenser mic for micing acoustic guitars, drums and some vocals and then needing a an omnidirectional mic for picking up multiple vocals, instruments and a multi-person Pod Cast you need only this mic. With the ability to move between three settings to better fine tune your required sound this mic provides both consistency and flexibility.


The best thing about this mic is that it is a USB mic that is compatible with nearly every computer from Mac to P.C and now with the iOs update you can even plug this mic into you iPad and record anywhere you want and at a retail price of $69.99 Blue has created the most affordable and practical microphone on the market. You no longer need a mixer and a verity of microphones and microphone cables. With the Snowball all you need is your preferred recording program like Garage band and begin your career as a producer. As a rare up and downside this mic will not work with a slandered analog mixer do to the fact that it is powered and only works via computer USB port. Every home studio needs this mic and nothing else. Blue Microphones Snowball receives a 10 of 10 star rating from this consumer and wannbe rockstar.


Transducer type: Condenser, Pressure Gradient with USB Digital Output

Meaning that is picks up via magnets that gives you a crisp clean sound that will pick up even at a low disable.

Polar Patterns: Omnidirectional or Cardio including a -10db Cardio function.

This means it picks up sound from one direction or from 360 degrees depending on the setting. This is perfect for live Pod cast (Omnidirectional) or single vocal and instruments. The -10db setting is perfect for recording very loud instruments such as drums.


This is an amazing Microphone that can turn the ordinary recording artist into a star with minimal out of pocket funding. Below is a sample of a recording all done with the Snowball and Garage Band. Both guitars and shakers recorded with the cardio setting while the vocals where recorded with the omnidirectional setting. Finally the drum was recorded with the –10db cardio setting. There has been no alterations, editing, looping, or effects added to the recording. All the tracks are directly recorded and untainted. I recorded this in less than one hour, so please be nice.images

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