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It has been eleven years since Captain America was banished to Dimension Z by Arnim Zola. In that time he has taken leadership of a tribe of Dimension Z mutants and raised the boy he rescued from Zola as his own. While hunting for food for his tribe Captain America and his son discover the secret they have been searching for, they have discovered the way home. With Zola still infecting his mind and the tribe’s lives in his hands, Captain America must now decide what life is more important. The son he has raised or the Tribes that depends on him.

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Out of all the Superheroes of all the comics Captain America is my favorite. On top of that I feel that Ed Brubaker is the greatest writer of Captain America comics in its 70 year history. With that being said I will do my best to stay as unbiased as possible.

The breadth of Rick Remender work is incredible and Captain America issue four is no different. He is a master of heart felt dialogue. There is a scene where Captain America laments over his time in Dimension Z yet finds solace in his growing relationship with his son. This is a great moment for Cap’s mythos, the man out of time who has done it all except have a family. I really enjoyed watching Cap train his son to one day take his shield and mantle. The problem I have with Remender is the overall arc. This is one of the more obscure Captain America story lines, taking place in another dimension and over a decade time span. I am sure that when the arc comes to fruition I will have a greater appreciation for the story Remender is telling.


Of all the artists that have worked in Marvel comics none are as beloved as John Romita Jr. He has illustrated some of Marvel’s greatest issues. The abstract asymmetrical illustrations are at times harsh and distracting. This distraction is not a bad thing and the harshness of the artwork has a direct correlation with the environment that Cap now dwells in. The artistic aesthetic that Romita provides grants a level of credibility to the story Remender is telling, being that Romita’s art style lends its self perfectly to an other-worldly narrative.

This issue took Rick Remender’s Captain America arc up a notch since that last issue. The comic is still not at the level I would like it to be but this was a good issue. This Issue was not lacking for substance or artistic integrity. It was however missing some intangible that I just could not put my finger on. With that being said it is a wonderful story that is not a waste of money or time. I give Captain America #4 a 8 out of 10. Getting better with each issue.


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  1. I always Look forward to you reviews. to see if u got the same impression i do. My fav Cap villian is bradoc the leaper. he is so obscure and french.

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