Review Dark Avengers #186 “I Have a Nuclear Option Too”



In the alternate reality the Dark Avengers find themselves in, there is a turf war taking place between Iron Man and The Thing. Thanks to a twisted version of Dr. Strange, Moonstone and Skaar have been brainwashed into fanning the flames. Fortunately for the time displaced non-heroes, Dr. Covington successfully gets U.S. Agent back in the game. And just in time as a new force enters the fray to reign total destruction down upon all of them.

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In a strange way, this issue of the book has made it fairly easy for me to jump in and understand pretty much what is going on. That speaks to how good of a writer Jeff Parker is. As for the actual story itself, it is rather intriguing. The Dark Avengers are kept on the sidelines, with the exception of Moonstone and Skaar, and that helps in fleshing out some of the details to this reality and what it is the group has to contend with. The downside to this is that there is little time for the personalities to be any more developed than to merely react to seeing a different side to the likes of Iron Man and Thing.


Mirco Pierfederici illustrates the majority of the book this time around, with regular series artist Neil Edwards drawing the last two pages. I actually think this is a nice change. It allows for Mirco to visualize the alternate reality in his own way while Edwards sticks to the main stars of the title. Mirco creates quite the bleak outlook to the twisted versions of the heroes encountered. Chris Sotomayor adds greater depth and definition to everything with how he keeps the colors dark and despairing. A good example is Iron Man’s suit. Readers are used to hot rod red and yellow, but in this reality he has navy blue and magenta.

This issue of Dark Avengers has turned out to be a pretty interesting book. And I do mean interesting in a good, positive way. Jeff Parker has made it easy for me to read without having to be too terribly familiar with the previous issues in the series. Mirco Pierfederici has done a fine job illustrating a dark reality that is as terrifying as one could imagine. It may not be for everyone, but it is nonetheless worth a look. As such, I’m willing to give this book a recommendation.

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