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Themyscira the hidden island of the Amazonian women is no longer a secret. After discovering its location the ancient vampire Cain has begun building his army of undead. Cain’s only ambition is to take the island and her people by force and blood. Exoristos, an Amazonian woman whose ties with her home and people have been severed long ago, knows that she and her companions are the island only hope of survival. Only thing that she is missing is Jason Blood, that mage who possesses the demon warrior Etrigan. Discovering that Jason is being held captive by Vandal Savage, Exoristos and her companions must find a way to free Jason so that he may release the demon upon the undead army slowly marching for Themyscira.arcbanner-vintageimage-Grap (2)


Over the years there have been a lot of period comics and graphic novels. Thor, Hercules, and King Arthur have always been a staple in the comic book universe. So it stands to reason that when D.C Comics launched their new 52 line up a renaissance period comic would be in the mix. Demon Knights is an excellent example of that genre coming to life. This is one title that I didn’t think I would enjoy, being that I am not a fan of this type of comic. I was amazed at what Robet Vendetti did in the scripting of this issue. All of the characters in this comic were very well defined, even a first time reader such as me was able to follow and understand who the protagonists were. I did however have trouble pronouncing the character’s name but I won’t hold that against them.prv15249_pg1

Demon Knights should be the model which all of the New 52 should be both created and compared. The detail and the artistic proficiency Bernard Chang displays are praise worthy. He displays each panel with precision and clarity. It appears as though every character he draws highlights the uniqueness of the individual. For example Vandel Savage looks as many warlords did during the same time period but there was an ancient Caveman look to him that was incredibly subtle.

I really wish that all of the 52 titles took this approach to all of its artwork. It is beautiful and direct, complementing Vendetti script in perfect harmony. Demon Knights #17 receives a 9 out of 10. It’s scary good.


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