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The greatest disaster the world has ever know claimed the life of is three greatest heroes. With Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman dead, leaving the world void of heroes to defend the people, until now. Amidst the vacuum that was left in the wake of their guardians demise a new crop of champions ascend. Something lurks behind the veil of existence and something hunts in the open.  A war is brewing on all fronts of reality and these new heroes are on verge their greatest test.

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D.C Comics Earth 2 is another average title in the long list of its New 52 line up. This issue is rife with unexceptional dialogue. Writer James Robinson does not display the breadth of his talent but depth of his apathy. There are several great reasons why he has been a comic book writer for over 20 years, Earth 2 is not one of them. The issue reads as if Robinson does not care that he has been charged with rebooting a beloved franchise. Every line of its dialogue is thrown at the page in an unintelligible fashion. This comic book was not handled with the care and diligence that some of the other 52 comics have. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the writing, it’s just not good. I have read a few of Robinsons comics before and I know he could do better than this.


Nicola and Trevor Scott on the other hand did a nice job of drawing and inking this issue. The art work is clean and very consistent. The shading is exceptionally good taking note on where the light is coming from and compensating its shadows and angles. The emphasis on the lighting plays an important role when are heroes are transported to the magical realm. It may just be nostalgia but I cannot buy into the new costuming. The Flash looks more like a speed ice skater that the hero we all have grown up with.

Over all the change in ambiance is just too much of a distraction. I understand that this is an alternative reality and everything is supposed to be skewed, but it is too much and to far removed.  The art was diligent and wonderful giving this issue a great feel. Unfortunately the writing was not on par. I give Earth 2 #9 a 6 out of 10. Great art, second rate writing.


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  1. Hummmm..what it is funny that I didn’t even know about this arc. I am wondering if the other issues are ok….I guess I will keep up looking for more reviews.

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