Review Fables #129 “Hell Hath No Fury”


The Lady of the Lake is treated to a nice little dinner courtesy of Beauty and Beast. Nevertheless, she makes it clear that trust is quite essential if things between all involved with Geppetto and the Blue Fairy hope to workout in any sort of peaceful manner. Meanwhile, Prince Brandish seems to have won. Only Snow White has one last trick up her sleeve. Though it requires the Green Lady to muster all her strength, it just may be enough for Snow White to fulfill her vow to kill Brandish.

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If there is one thing Bill Willingham can very better than other writers it is to take whatever expectations we have and turn them on our heads. The ending to this issue is something I personally feel I figured would happen. But then Willingham goes and adds a little twist that it unique and exciting. It’s the little things like this that makes Fables the best comic book being published today. That and he reminds us of what a fantastic heroine he has transformed Snow White into being since he first started writing the book roughly eleven years ago. The strength she displays in-spite of so much happening to her emotionally shows that she is one who can never be defeated, no matter all that say to the contrary.

fables129-pageAnd while I’m talking about Snow White, allow me a minute to mention just how wonderfully she is drawn consistently by Mark Buckingham. He may not have been the first to draw here in the series, but he has since defined the way she looks and appears. Take the scenes where she is literally sword fighting with one good arm. The grace she moves and the composure she maintains is something Buckingham handles with such care and precision that I haven’t really seen in super powered heroines. Not even the more adventurous of comic book heroines are illustrated so wonderfully that it leaves little doubt the strength of the character. This is part of the genius of Mark Buckingham and it is shocking to know that he’s only ever improving and evolving his style.

I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it even after the cows come home. Fables is one of the few books I will highly recommended without hesitation. It remains the best comic book being published today and arguably one of the best ever. Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham continue to amaze and even surprise readers with their magnificent storytelling that is second to none. What are you waiting for? Pick up this series now!

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