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Review Fables #131 “The Next Great Adventure”


The path to bringing back Bigby Wolf is simple. It’s the execution that makes it nearly impossible. In the meantime, Dr. Swineheart and the newly named Nurse Douglas being their autopsy on Prince Brandish. What they discover is far more intriguing than either could possibly imagine. Rose Red ventures to Wolf Valley to see to the recently returned Therese, though she is quite taken aback at what she sees. And it is the first step in her realizing the destiny foretold by Hope.arcbanner-vintageimage-Grap (2)Review

If there’s one thing that makes Bill Willingham’s Fables series so compelling is Willingham’s ability to constantly surprise readers. At the beginning of each new story arc, readers like myself cannot even begin to fathom what he will come up with next. What we do know is that he will present a fascinating plot and still be able to develop the wonderful cast of characters he has to play with. There is an interesting exchange between Dr. Swineheart and Nurse Douglas that examine the laws of attraction that brings to light the chemistry the two characters seem to have had with one another for centuries. It’s moments like these that make me a huge fan of the series.

fables131-pageMark Buckingham, for his part, has a fantastic sense of staging. A clear understanding of how to best present the scene and use the number of panels Willingham gives him per page in a way that rather enhances the story being told. Let’s return to when Dr. Swineheart and Nurse Douglas are performing the autopsy. Buckingham uses these scene to showcase how Dr. Swineheart is a true expert in his profession while still managing to let in little touches that add personality to the characters, both alive and dead. I also love the pathos he projects in Therese as she has to painfully explain what happened to her and her brother to her mother and aunt.

Fables continues to be proven time and again at being the absolute best comic book being published today. Bill Willingham still manages to surprise us with unique stories and wonderful development of his characters the way only he can. Mark Buckingham once more showcases the masterful strokes of his pencil that stage each scene while adding just fantastic personalities. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Fables comes highly recommended.

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