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Review Fables #133 “Snow Goddamn White”


The call for Knights to fill the new Round Table continues to be made. Birds are traveling to all of the known worlds, looking for those considered to be worthy of a seat. Even if such who hear the call would not be seen as such as first glance. But before she can get things rolling, Rose Red has some unfinished business to attend to. A deal to broker that could be seen as the foundation of what her Camelot will ultimately become. Only her sister Snow White has a reasonable objection to all of this.
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I imagine the most prominent image of Snow White is that from Disney. A lovely young girl with a song in her heart and is as innocent as can be. Whenever I think of Snow White now, I think of Bill Willingham’s strong willed and uncompromising vision. A woman who does what she believes is just and right, but can be as dark and haunting to those who have wronged her. She even goes so far as to cut off Rose Red from ever speaking to her children again for even thinking that there is something worth wile in trying to redeem a monster like Prince Brandish, who has certainly caused Snow so much suffering that she has no qualms about burying him in cement. The manner in which she does this and later explains herself to her daughter Therese is part of the magnificence of this series and of how Bill crafts his stories.
fables133-pageAnd how much more can I praise Mark Buckingham? Look at the way he illustrates Snow when she explains herself to Therese. From the flashbacks of what she had to endure to survive to the look of no regret on the face of a woman who has no problem with those claiming her heart to be as cold as steel. These are drawings made by a true master, done with great care and delicacy. A lesser artist would have made Snow look sinister or less than just. Perhaps even try to inject some sort of remorse in her features to make it seem as though there is guilt behind her eyes. But Bucky knows better. He knows that, while Snow may show signs of weakness, she accepts the consequences of her actions because to do so would mean she would lose.

Fables is arguably the best comic book being published right now for a very good reason. The brilliance of the storytelling by Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham is second to none. These two continue to create a fantastic world that is full of wonder and delight, no matter how light or dark things get. And together they have created a Snow White to compare all others to. A woman who stands proud and strong against any and everything that comes at her. Absolutely this issue is highly recommended.

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