Review Fairest #19 “Expect the Unexpected”


The Maharaja and Nalayani manage to return to the hunting party. Nathoo fills them in on what has happened since their disappearance, with losses accounted for and sightings of the dhole made. This is a chance to put an end to the suffering and save Nalayani’s village. But when they come into contact with the dhole, even the Maharaja is surprised to discover something about them. Which leads to a series of terrible consequences.
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This issue is a slight improvement over the last in terms of pacing. Sean E. Williams moves the story along in a more respectable pace and manages to find ways to tell a lot without it feeling as though it is dragging too much. Don’t get me wrong, it does drag a little towards the end, but at least what is being told is intriguing enough to sort of justify the way it moves. The reintroduction of Bigby’s brothers is a nice surprise and it adds another layer to how important this story appears to be in the Fables mythos. Which also makes me curious why Bill Willingham himself isn’t writing it as I’m sure he would have done a much better job crafting this story.
fairest19-pageThe art is a series of mixed bags. Most of the work is done by Stephen Sadowski, but there are a few pages that are handed off to Russ Braun. I have to say that Braun has a much better feel for character movement and letting them flow while Sadowski has his characters looking stiff. Even with some fine inking by Phil Jimenez and Christian Alamy, it still doesn’t breathe the kind of life Braun does. It’s rather apparent when you go from Charming and the others going over their options in the first few pages to the action sequence in the next. Andrew Dalhouse tries to keep everything consistent with the colors, but I kind of which he’d put a little more depth and definition into the pages because they seem saturated at times.

This particular story of Fairest has seen a mix of highs and lows. At times Sean E. Williams is able to tell a fascinating story, but for some reason can’t quite hit the high notes and falters with pacing. The same with the art as Stephen Sadowski has a good eye for beautiful imagery, but his character come off looking stiff. Nevertheless, this is a good enough issue of Fairest for me to recommend. Though I wish this creative team would improve their abilities a little bit.

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