Review Fantastic Four #4 “When A Man Loves A Woman”



The space field trip for Franklin and Valeria continues as the Fantastic Four arrive on a planet with an Earth-like atmosphere. While Reed has been in communication with them in preparation for their visit, they are all nonetheless quite taken aback when Sue is revered by the planet’s inhabitants as a long-awaited messiah. Seeing his wife beloved by virtually an entire civilization brings Reed back to when he first met and fell in love with Sue.

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This issue of Fantastic Four is released on Valentine’s Day week and with good reason. It is essentially an exploration of the love Reed Richards has for his wife Sue and how he tries his best to do right by her. Though they don’t necessarily have the perfect romance, as seen when Sue expresses concern that Reed is hiding something after Franklin cries out from a precognitive nightmare, their love is strong enough to persevere. Matt Fraction writes one of the nicest tales of how a man of great intelligence falls for a girl with natural beauty.  Such an emotional journey is more than enough to satisfy me as a reader in place of unnecessary action that could have ruined something special.


Mark Bagley continues to be one of the finest illustrators in comic books. He is able to convey so much emotion through a few drawings. Looking at the pages that flashback to when Reed first met Sue, one can easily see and understand how smitten Reed is the second his eyes fall upon the girl who would become his wife. There is also real fear and concern when Franklin relates his nightmare of what may coming for them as the journey in space continues. Mark Farmer does a fine job making sure that his inks accentuate the drawings and the colors by Paul Mounts with Edgar Delgado and Rain Beredo add depth and definition to each scene.

Matt Fraction is turning into a worthy successor to the Fantastic Four series following such an amazing run by Jonathan Hickman. With this issue, he reminds readers of the wonderful love Reed has for Sue and his willingness to be worthy of it. The artwork by Mark Bagley and company feature some of the most beautiful comic book pages around and warms the heart even more. I would definitely recommend this book to any one to check out and enjoy.

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