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Review Fathom: The Elite Saga #2 “Beyond the Sea”


With her child kidnapped by a race of Blue she has never encountered before, Anya decides to turn to the one person for help: Aspen Matthews. Aspen is not fond of helping anyone associated with Killian, but seeing as Anya has been trying to escape from her husband’s shadow with their daughter Anika, she decides to accept the offer. Meanwhile, Killian rushes to the once broken city of Aescylot, believe its people are holding his family captive. He instead finds that the city has not only found its heart and soul, they have also found its queen in a familiar face.

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The Elite Saga is a five-issue mini-series that appears to be a weekly release, setting up for the relaunch of the Fathom series proper in celebration of both the series 15th anniversary and the 10th anniversary of Aspen Comics. Two issues in, I’m wondering if JT Krul is perhaps moving things a little too fast. Don’t get me wrong, the pacing is actually what’s good about the book thus far. The thrills and suspense are not slowing down, and it only heightens the anticipation for what is going to happen next. I’m just concerned that Krul might be throwing out too much too soon. We have two returns in Terza, now Queen Kira of Aescylot, and old-man “loon” Baha. Further more, we see what has happened to Kiani since her escape. The speed at which everything is moving is a positive, but I’m hoping it doesn’t end up becoming a negative when all is said and done.

fathomelite02-pageV. Ken Marion continues to do some wonderful illustrations, considering that it is quite the task for any one who isn’t Michael Turner. While the cheesecake factor is ever present, I nonetheless compliment Marion for his ability to make the characters move fluidly throughout the book, and not just when they’re swimming in the water. A fine example is a scene where Aspen defends Anya from some trigger-happy soldiers on the surface. But it’s the coloring by Kyle Ritter that really sing in this issue. Coming back to the scene with Aspen and the soldiers, I love his use of lighting to make the water effects really shine. There is also some rich colors in the scenes set in Aescylot, providing a great deal of depth and definition. When good drawings and strong colors mix together, it’s no wonder why Aspen Comics are the most beautiful in the business.

Fathom: The Elite Saga is moving along quite nicely. JT Krul is still writing a good story, and though the pace works at the moment, I’m just concerned it may be too much too soon. Still, there is some strong artwork on display from V. Ken Marion and certainly from the colors by Kyle Ritter. Fathom fans will find great enjoyment with this series while new readers should give it a shot. I recommend checking it out.

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