Review Fathom: The Elite Saga #3 “The Greater Good”


Aspen Matthews is helping the runaway Anya find her kidnapped daughter Anika. They find themselves in a mysterious destination known as Mozskil, where wayward souls go when they have no other place to hide. But in the middle of their search for the missing infant, they run into Anya’s other daughter, Kiani. And since she was killed by Aspen not too long ago, it’s safe to say that she’s pretty pissed off. A clash between the two is inevitable, but can Anya convince them to subside their differences long enough to find Anika?

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I mentioned in my review of the last issue that I was concerned about pacing with this book. JT Krul is still telling one really exciting story worthy of the Fathom series, but I’m still hoping that he is not revealing too much too soon, even if we are a little over the half-way point. Still, Krul manages to script a convincing manner in which to not only get enough action out of the Aspen and Kiani conflict, but also with them eventually taking on the mysterious Blue responsible for kidnapping Anika. The Elite Saga also works in that it gets new readers, or readers who have fallen behind, caught up on the series while managing to keep regular readers satisfied with present events without making the flashbacks feel like a hindrance to them.

fathomelite03-pageI would imagine Michael Turner would be proud of the work V. Ken Marion has been doing illustrating the series. It does quite a lot to harken back to Turner without coming off as an attempt to be a carbon copy. Marion instead concentrates on expressing the personalities as much as he can in his drawings. A fine example of the tension that’s clearly on display in the faces of Aspen and Kiani as they begrudgingly work together in their search for Anika. You can see that they just don’t plain like each other. But one that readers might overlook, is how Anya desperately tries to put on a brave face to mask the concern she has of both trying to find her missing child, but also keeping Aspen and Kiani from killing each other. Subtle drawings like these make for great visual storytelling. Throw in the beautiful colors by Kyle Ritter and you have one awesome looking book.

While I’m still concerned that the pacing is moving just a tad bit too fast, Fathom: The Elite Saga is nonetheless becoming an excellent read. JT Krul is crafting a great story that allows news readers to jump in easily while providing regular readers with an exciting venture. V. Ken Marion is illustrating pages that would make Michael Turner proud while incorporating some of his own touches to make his drawings unique. Fathom: The Elite Saga comes highly recommended and is worth picking up.

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