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Review Fathom: The Elite Saga #4 “Darkness Rises”


Anya is fleeing from Killian with their child Anika to start anew. A mysterious race of Blue has kidnapped the baby. Anya seeks the help of Aspen Matthews to help find his child. They encounter Kiani, who attacks Aspen, but the two are talked into an uneasy truce by Anya to rescue the baby. They find the man responsible for the kidnapping. He appears to be their deceased old friend Cannon Hawke. But they remember Vana tried to resurrect her son Taras using the body of the man who killed him. With Cannon having died not to long ago, it appears the process has finally been made complete.

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J.T. Krul is showing that the Fathom series is not necessarily always about beautiful, scantly-clad bodies on full display. There are great stories to be told. Krul continues to make it easy for new readers to jump into this set-up to the relaunch of the series proper while also catering to regular readers with excitement that is new. I had been worried that things might have been moving a little too fast, though it appears that the last issue will ultimately determine whether that ends up being the case. Nevertheless, Krul does wonderfully in pacing the issue between great action and dramatic moments, such as Killian deciding which is more important, his people or his family. Another great feature of the Fathom series has been the personalities being allowed to flourish and Krul has been doing a wonderful job really letting them loose. It helps make Aspen into a convincing heroine, Anya into more than a presumed damsel-in-distress, Kiani a capable warrior, and Tara into a well-developed villain.

fathomelite04-pageI often wonder if Michael Turner had been training some artists to eventually be his successor to the Fathom title so that the transition from him to them would be seamless. V. Ken Marion makes me believe that appears to be the case with the wonderful illustrations he draws. Cheesecake aside, these are some of the most dynamic figures in a comic book this year. The action sequence alone with Aspen and Kiani trying to double-up on Taras is fluid and cinematic. It certainly wants me to see it realized in animation at some point down the line. And of course the colors by Kyle Ritter are just phenomenal, right up there with Marte Gracia as some of the best among titles currently published. The use of light and shading is about as expertly done as one could imagine and they enhance every page with a great amount of depth and definition.

Fathom fans should already be reading The Elite Saga. J.T. Krul is providing them with great storytelling that also allows for new readers to enjoy. V. Ken Marion is illustrating some fantastic pages that are further enhanced by the excellent colors by Kyle Ritter. If the last issue holds up, Fathom: The Elite Saga may go down as one of the best five-issue series in comic books this year. So it obviously comes highly recommended.

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