Review Fathom: The Elite Saga #5 “The End is the Beginning”


There is something special about Anika. That much Anya knows from the moment she gives birth to her. She also knows that if the child were to stay under the watchful eye of Killian, she would grow up to be like Kiani. Perhaps worse. So she comes to the decision to flee. A decision she starts to regret as she along with Kiani and Aspen Matthews fight to save the child from the clutches of the reborn Taras. And it is a fight that they are badly losing.

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For the last few issues, I’ve wondered about the pacing. Wondered if JT Krul was perhaps moving just a little too fast through the story. In the end, I think he managed to make it work just fine. It’s not perfect, but it brings an epic story to a good conclusion with all the pieces in place for the restart of the Fathom series proper. Where Krul really shines in this issue is how he writes Anya, a mother who is desperate to protect her child at all costs and yet still has the care and heart to understand that her actions may have endangered so many lives. There is a great passage at the end where she expresses her thoughts that is rich with wisdom and sorrow. Arguably some of the finest writing this year.

fathomelite05-pageBravo to V. Ken Marion for bringing the story to an end on a fantastic note. Some of the best illustrations yet from Aspen Comics this year can be found in this issue. From Kiani’s resourcefulness in fighting off a monster that has her trapped to the expressions on all of the faces of the key characters in the aftermath of what has happened. Marion is indeed doing Michael Turner proud in drawing this book with a great deal of vibrancy and energy. The coloring by Kyle Ritter, along with John Starr and David Curiel, is just as magnificent as ever and really gives the art the depth and definition needed to really leap out of the pages. This is some of the best artwork all year.

Fathom: The Elite Saga is a highly recommended book, and dare I say as close to a must-read as I can state. When collected together, the whole story by JT Krul is a wondrous epic journey with great characters and heart-pounding drama. The illustrations by V. Ken Marion are some of the best this year, along with the excellent coloring by Kyle Ritter and his team. This story makes for a fantastic read to long-time readers while also making an ideal jumping on point for new readers. This is one of the best comic book titles of the year, if you ask me.

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