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Review Guardians of the Galaxy #6 “Girl Power”


Peter Quill knows something has just happened. He can feel it in his bones. But he does not understand what exactly it is or who is responsible. So he goes to the one person who can provide him with the answers, even though it is the very last being he wants to be within several light-years of: Thanos. Meanwhile, The other Guardians of the Galaxy and Iron Man have encountered a mysterious woman The Watcher Uatu knows as Angela. And he knows her presence means nothing but trouble.
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This has turned into another fine issue of the series from Brian Michael Bendis. In large part because of how he is able to switch between the talking heads portion involving Peter and Thanos along with the brisk, almost poetic action with the others taking on Angela. The fight does feature a fair amount of dialogue, but it is generally the others coming to the sudden realization that this woman is far stronger than they would have though otherwise and she is just decimating them. I actually believe this is one of the most well written fight scenes in comics this year, from the way the intensity builds to the drama is underscores. I also think it’s a nice way to introduce Angela into the Marvel Universe by having her just manhandle the likes of Drax and Gamora.
guardians06-pageThe art almost had me bewildered for a moment. That’s because Sara Pichelli shares a few pages with the great Olivier Coipel. Coipel only illustrates the pages with Thanos and Peter, but the fact that his work is presence does make one sort of look at Pichelli’s artwork in a different eye. The fight scene is fairly well realized, with some wonderful illustrations on display that show the characters moving fluidly and without the restraints of gravity. Yet at times I wonder if I’m looking at the same artists because there are scenes that are slightly out of sync with the others. Then again, perhaps I’m just looking at it the wrong way under the belief that perhaps Coipel may have slipped in to draw a few pages.

It’s nice that Guardians of the Galaxy is turning into the fine book that it is ahead of their theatrical debut next year. Brian Michael Bendis continues to incorporate his wonderful ability to tell stories with an excellent fight scene. The art from Sara Pichelli and Olivier Coipel is fine, but I think Coipel’s presence may have caused me to look at things differently than I honestly would have otherwise. Nevertheless, this book comes recommended for fans to check out.

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