Review Hawkeye #8 “Hawkeye’s Sexy Parties”


A muzzle flash in the dark the sound of a body falling limp on the floor and the scuff click of high heels fleeing the scene leads to a knock on a door of the one man she could trust. This man has a specific set of skills she needs to retrieve her secret from a mob safe. Utilizing all of her angles to influence a love struck Hawkeye into providing the necessary distraction so that she may lift the safe from a house of ill-reputed that it’s located in. It’s time to clock out as an Avenger and go rouge into the night with the women that occupies his lust.

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One can say that the overall theme of this comic book is “what does a Superhero do when their off”. This is genius of Matt Fraction, taking a Superhero out of the tights and into the world. This issue is particularly astounding in the way it plays to Hawkeye’s greatest weakness, women. The opening sequence of the mysterious women knocking on the door of The Avengers Mansion and immediately kissing Hawkeye with his ex-wife and his girlfriend watching was hilarious. The plot of the comic was an amazing set up for future story arcs. The reemergence of the Kingpin was a curios addition to this stellar narrative. The beauty of Matt Fraction’s writing is that I really never know what to expect. He bend’s and twist traditional stories and characters to his will and draws a new path for them to follow. All the while taking account for his characters strengths and weaknesses. In this issue specifically he exploits Hawkeyes ability to take a beating and keep on going. By the end of this comic Hawkeye resembled Marv from Sin City, cut up and bandaged from head to toe. The other aspect of Hawkeye Matt Fraction exploits is his weakness for a pretty girl, pushing him into a fight that was not his to begin with. Probably the greatest thing about this issue was the fact the caper itself was utterly pointless. The item Penny was after was locked in an uncrackable safe that Hawkeye lost the combination to rendering it useless. By the end of the issue I was laughing in celebration of Matt Fraction the genius.


Just when you think Matt Fraction hogs up of the genius and this comic could not get any better David Aja unveils a 60’s era masterpiece. Everything from the women’s hair styles to the way Penny dresses has such a feel. Even Annie Wu’s Comic books covers resemble the Golden and Silver Age comics we all wish we still had. My favorite aspect of the art in this comic is the color work done by Matt Hollingsworth. Every page that incorporates Hawkeye has some purple in it, from Barton’s shoes to Bishops car. This artistic team is quickly becoming legendary.

Every issue of Hawkeyes gets better and better. The off duty Superhero is one of the most original ideas I have ever read. The art is beautiful and the writing is stellar. Now that the Kingpin is involved the plot suddenly becomes deadly. I really can’t wait until the next issue. I give Hawkeye #8 a 10 out of 10. Easiest 10 I have given.

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  1. I would luv 2 see a comic of Captian America at the libery. She Hulk at the Day Spa of even the Punisher at the fair.

  2. Ha I could just see it. Frank Castle Walking around with a giant Sponge Bob he won at the Shooting range.

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