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Review Hawkeye Annual #1 “My Spoon Is Too Big . . . I’m A Banana”

Hawkeye Annual 1


Clint Barton has been pushed to the edge and has shut down pushing everyone out of his life including ward Kate Bishop. Sick of all his depression Kate makes her way to Los Angeles where she hopes to spend some time living it up at the finest hotel. If there are two things that do not mix it’s the west coast and Hawkeye and this day will be no different. The girl raised on a golden bottle has discovered that the milk has run dry. With her credit card maxed and car repossessed Kate finds herself stranded and in need of a Good Samaritan but who can a hero trust in the city of angels where everyone wears a mask. This is what happens when a Superhero takes a vacation. arcbanner-vintageimage-Grap (2)Review

This issue is another fantastic example of what Matt Fraction is capable of. This is an amazing story of what happens when an Avenger takes a vacation. I love the way he writes his characters flipping back and forth from dialogue to inner monologue. This adds a very human element to the inhuman nature of heroes. This especially rings true with Kate Bishop. Who has not experienced there credit or debit card getting declined and the embarrassment that ensues when you find yourself stranded with nothing but a dead cell phone. As always Fraction’s narrative fairly straight forward, Two Hawkeyes fight one splits and a bad guy follows. Fraction’s brilliance is not in the complexity of the story but in how he chooses to tell it. The layer of comedy and references he sprinkles though out the issue are perfectly timed. Lines of dialogue such Clint’s reference to the West Coast needing an Avenger are the very reason Matt Fraction always produces the highest quality comics.


The marriage of modern day story telling with 1960’s art is the key to this amazing comic. This issue especially had a great feel start to finish. I love how artist Javier Pulido uses blacked out figures though out the issue and really allows Fractions narrative to come alive. This is the third artist to illustrate Hawkeye in as many comics yet not a beat was missed. It’s amazing that though three artists have illustrated the title and added their own voice to it the comic retains its artistic integrity. There is little to no visible difference in the way it looks. So with this new artist the comic stays its same perfect esthetic. 83be616ff874a46194d8cdef5f2ad5d1

I know every time I review a Hawkeye comic I have a hard time expressing myself. Every issue that comes out is perfect in every aspect. This title is without question the best comic written today. Every story fraction and his brilliant team of artists tell are stories that will last the test of time. In a time where there is really no new stories to tell and no innovation in comics today Matt Fraction is writing history.speech-bubble-quote-backgro

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