Review Hunger #1 “Appetizer”


In the Ultimate Marvel universe, Rick Jones has been selected by the Watchers to be the champion of all creation. A position finds to just totally suck. After a year of going from one point in the galaxy to the next, he’s had enough and is dying for a burger. But the Watchers have recognized a threat of uncanny proportions is arriving. And in the middle of a seemingly never-ending Kree/Chitauri war, he will appear. And he grows hungry.

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As a set up issue, Hunger is not all bad. Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov takes his time putting the pieces in place and building up to the more epic moments to happen. Often times slow builds are the best way to draw interest in a story. The problem I have is that it feels as though one needs to be familiar with the Rick Jones of the Ultimate Marvel universe. That way the reader can better understand the whining, selfish attitude he throws throughout the first-half of the book. I’m one of those who is not familiar with him and I therefore look at him as being a very unlikable brat. There are ways to make brats appear likable and none of them are used here as Rick just moans and groans before the wave of time and space breaking overwhelms him. If he’s the central character of this story, I have little hopes for liking it by the time it’s over.

hunger01-pageIllustrating the book is Leonard Kirk with colors by Jesus Aburtov. I have to say, it looks as though it really plays off being an aftermath to Age of Ultron as they appear to be trying to build continuity between the two titles. The characters don’t really move a whole lot, which ends up making the book look rather stiff and lacking of fluidity. It makes me feel as though the book lacks energy, which is an odd thing to think as there’s supposed to be all kinds of energy being discharged once Jones finds himself in the middle of the Kree/Chitauri war. The colors is what makes the art at least pleasing to look at, but it honestly doesn’t do much else. I really think it needs to be better if it has any chance of making the story any better.

Hunger is not a terrible book. It’s just lackluster at best. The writing is decent, serving to merely be a set up to what’s to come, but Joshua Hale Fialkov saddles us with a very irritating character pegged to be it’s lead. Leonard Kirk’s illustrations are hardly inspiring and it takes the colors by Jesus Aburtov to make them look good. I can’t really recommend Hunger, even though it has a rather interesting concept on the horizon.

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