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All of Bruce Banner’s dreams have come true. He has a beautiful home and a place in the world. A real establishment where Bruce can truly call home without fear of angry villagers and pitch forks. That’s because it happens to be located in on the corner of unoccupied and Nuke Town. The best part of it all is Bruce Banner has a full time Job where he leads a group of young scientists on a journey to make the world a better place to live and restore his good name. Life is fantastic for the good doctor. Even The Hulk has a full time job making the world a safer place to live. With S.H.I.E.L.D fronting the bill, Banner and The Hulk can to what they do best, cure the world and SMASH.

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This issue is yet another literary triumph from the brilliant mind of Mark Waid. He continues to craft a reimagining of the Hulk. Though there was not a lot of action in this issue, Waid has begun to tale a new a brighter chapter in the life of Banner. He is reinventing Hulk comics as we know it. His mastery of dialogue allows the story move along seamlessly. There is a moment when Banner fakes a Hulk out in front of his assistants that made me laugh. His opening few pages of Banner going about a morning routine and walking to work has an “I am Legend” feel to that is indescribable. I am greatly looking forward to the epic story that Waid is crafting with each issue. This may not have been the most action pack or the most impactful issue in the Indestructible Hulk series but it was the most important thus far. Here is where we see Bruce Banner truly happy for the first time. We witness his reemergence into the scientific community. For the first time Banner and The Hulk share the spotlight.

There is nothing a can write about Leinil Yu that has not been writing a million times before. He is absolutely brilliant in his illustrations. He never takes a short cut or slacks on non-important panels. Every aspect of every page he illustrates is teeming with detail. His artwork lends itself perfectly to Mark Waid’s narratives giving The Hulk definition and not just mass.

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This is a brilliant set up for the future of Hulk comics. The pairing of Waid and Yu is one that is unparalleled in the comic book world. The Hulk has always been a comic that everyone wanted to love but was missing a key ingredient. Waid has truly found the perfect blend of Banner and Hulk that will cause the comic book community to truly love The Hulk. This was a stellar issue that may have been lacking for smashing but not wanting for substance. I give The Indestructible Hulk #4 a 9.5 out of 10. Almost as Clever as Banner.


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