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Review Infinity #2 “Win at All Costs”


The battle for survival continues and the forces of good are losing. The Builders have successfully bluffed, resulting in the loss of a third of the Galactic Council’s fleet. The Black Order has begun their gauntlet on Earth, separating the strong from the weak. Black Bolt is approached to offer Thanos tribute, the heads of every inhuman ages 16-22. But he knows that this is lie. That what Thanos is truly after is a secret he knows and must reveal to the Illuminati.
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This issue may seem a little confusing to readers if they haven’t read Avengers #18 and New Avengers #9. It’s probably the only real major fault I can find with the way Jonathan Hickman is crafting this series. Granted he tries to set up pages that explains what happens in those two books, but the full scope of what is happening cannot be appreciated without having read them. That aside, this is wonderful and engaging suspense story that is just a whole lot of fun for me to read. I am really enjoying how everything is slowly coming together and create a true epic that I can appreciate.
infinity02-pageJerome Opena and Dustin Weaver alternate illustrations in this book, which Jerome taking some segments and Dustin taking the other. It creates a unique flow that allows for the segments to be presented on their own and still be able to work together in a cohesive manner. Both have served wonderfully on Avengers and they’re bringing some of their best abilities on board to really enhance the look and feel of everything that is happening. One of my favorite scenes from from Opena when a disaster of absolute horror takes place on a seeming peaceful planet. Then there’s Dustin showing how the Black Order cannot be easily intimidated, even by the Inhumans. In many ways, its the art that’s really making for an awesome story taking place.

While this is a great issue, it’s easy for some readers to feel lost without having read Avengers #18 and New Avengers #9. Nevertheless, Jonathan Hickman continues to craft together a grand epic story that is just exciting to read from start to finish. Jerome Opena and Dustin Weaver add some fantastic illustrations that really make the book sing. Though this is a highly recommended book, it would be much better appreciated as long as one reads everything taking place.

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