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Review Infinity #3 “Strike Back”


The Builders have sent a loud and clear message: There is no where to run and no where to hide. Hundreds of planets begin to surrender and the Galactic Council has broken up following the tragic actions of J-Son of Spartax. But The Avengers have a plan to turn the tide in their favor. Back on Earth, Thanos ventures to Attilan to claim his tribute from the Inhumans or he will proceed with the Gauntlet. Unaware that Black Bolt, king of the Inhumans, is going to negotiate on his terms.
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As with the previous issue, being able to comprehend and understand what is happening in the third issue of Infinity requires one to have read the accompanying issues of Avengers and New Avengers leading into this chapter. Otherwise the reader will definitely feel lost. On the other hand, Jonathan Hickman can sure craft a fantastic epic saga. The pacing is spot on and how the characters are written rings true. One of my favorite moments in this issue is the confidence Captain America and Thor display when they step in to take the fight against the Builders into their hands and their ability to execute without flinching. It shows just what great warriors they are, never allowing the size and might of the opposition to intimidate them.
infinity03-pageWith regards to the art, Jerome Opena illustrates the events involving the Builders and Dustin Weaver illustrates the plight against Thanos. Opena’s art continues to be some of the most fantastic I’ve seen that brings to life Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Just the amount of detail he is able to draw while still managing to make them move fluidly is incredible. While Weaver doesn’t quite reach the same level of awe, his drawings are just as great in their own right. The look on Maximus as he reaches the pinnacle of his personality is both delightful and scary. There aren’t many illustrators who can pull off what he does. Credit to Justin Ponsor for managing to keep the colors consistent despite the differing art styles.

Again, one has to have been reading Avengers and New Avengers alongside the individual issues of Infinity in order to really appreciate such a wonderful story Jonathan Hickman has crafted. He has taken the concept of an epic and brought it up another level with such amazing writing on display. Add in the fantastic artwork from Jerome Opena and Dustin Weaver and it is clear that Infinity is one of the best stories this year. As long as you have been picking up all the key books, this is highly recommended.

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