Review Injustice: Gods Among Us #4 “No More Heroes”


Superman ventures to the Bat Cave to meet with Batman about why he seemingly did not help to find the former’s parents. It leads to a heated discussion about what Superman is becoming and how it goes against everything they as heroes have stood for. Meanwhile, a Japanese vessel is hunting and killing whales. Having had enough of the surface world attacking the creatures of the ocean, Aquaman attacks. Wonder Woman leads a team to confront Aquaman, but misunderstandings end up blowing the situation out of control. To the point where Batman’s concerns about Superman slowly come to fruition.

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The story of Injustice is like a combination of two great tales, Kingdom Come in the comic books and “A Better World” from the Justice League animated series. Credit to Tom Taylor for fleshing out the story, giving it a chance to really dig deep into showing how Superman slowly turns on his values and becomes that force that he is seen in the video game. Characterization is key and this issue provides some really strong dialogue scenes. Not just the one between Superman and Batman, but there’s some key ones between Aquaman and Wonder Woman that show how willing she is to follow in the path Superman is going. I also found the incorporation of a crisis between Atlantis and the surface world to be ideal in further expanding upon the change Superman is going through, showing just how far he is falling from grace.

injustice04-pageMike S. Miller and Tom Derenick illustrate the book, Miller drawing the first and third act while Derenick draws the second. They do a nice job of staying consistent with one another so that the pages seamlessly flow from one artist to the other. At times the characters do appear a little stiff and their facial expressions appear nonexistent here and there. But overall, they provide enough action to satisfy the reader. It works very well with the story and in sort of getting one an idea of what they can expect to witness when playing the game, if they haven’t done so already. There really isn’t much more for me to say as the artwork does what it needs to do to be considered good enough to look at.

The prologue comic series for Injustice is working quite nicely, which is still a surprise to me. Usually tie-in comics are mishandled to the point that most readers tend to think of them as aberrations. But I give Tom Taylor his due for scripting an intriguing story that pulls from some great sources and develops a tale that is interesting to read. The artwork does what it needs to do to simply work well with the story, and that’s really all you can ask for. So again, I recommend checking it out.

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