Review Iron Man #10 “You Think You Know”


Has everything Tony Stark has ever known about himself been lie? Has his parents not told him that there is a deep secret about his birth? That he actually had little chance to survive to see the light of day? That his father did everything that he could to prevent his son from dying before he was even born? That he accepted the offer of an alien to put together a team and break into a highly secured alien-run casino in Las Vegas and steal the very thing that could save his son’s life while also altering his future? Is it possible?

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This may very well be one of the more curious stories to ever involve Tony Stark. Kieron Gillen is definitely taking a huge gamble in suggesting that there is a lot more to Tony Stark than even the character himself ever knew. This kind of story could have ended up being quite disastrous, but I actually believe Gillen managed to make it work. Part of the appeal is the way Howard Stark puts a team together to conduct his heist. It makes me all the more interested in seeing past adventure stories of the Stark Se7en, which includes Howard Stark, then-Lieutenant “Thunderbolt” Ross, and “Dum Dum” Dugan. It also allows for a chance to show that Tony’s mother was far more than just a stay-at-home-mom.

ironman10-pageIt is with this issue that I believe the benefits of switching to Dale Eaglesham as artist over Greg Land becomes apparent. I really don’t know if Land would have been able to draw this story with the same kind of intrigue and excitement that Eaglesham is able to display. It’s a wink to some of the old-school comic book illustrations from the 80s while still incorporating some of the modern era designs to create a unique visual. A beautiful counter-balance to the way Land has been drawing the Iron Man stories previously. The right man for the job is essentially what I’m trying to say.

This issue of Iron Man takes an interesting turn that could have been terrible, but ends up working quite well. Well enough to be exciting. Kieron Gillen has been treading carefully on the subject and has so far been delivering some quality writing. Readers finally get to see that Dale Eaglesham is perhaps the best man to illustrate this particular story of Iron Man over regular series artist Greg Land. The story is good enough for me to recommend to readers to check out.

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