Review Jirni #1 “A Whole New World”


Ara has been carefully, yet no less lovingly sheltered from much of the outside world by her mother Luna. Suddenly, a mysterious figure named Torinthal kidnaps Luna and ventures away, accompanied by the brutal powers of a d’jinn at his side. Not wanting to lose her mother, Ara ventures out into the unknown to rescue that which she has lost. But along the way, she discovers there’s more to the world, and more to herself, that she has never known before.

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After reading the first issue of Jirni, I find there is a lot of promise that this will turn out to be a surprisingly good series. J.T. Krul writes the story in such a way that a lot of thought has been put into its development. It doesn’t quite feel like it is going through its history as the pages progress, feeling more like it is instead reminding readers of what has happened while moving ahead. It’s not perfect and there are times where the pace seems to move along a little too quickly, but I am no less fascinated by the world and characters Krul has created and wish to know more in the months to come.

jirni01-pageThe art seems a bit hit and miss for me. On the one hand, it’s quite beautiful. The coloring by Brett Smith is vibrant and bright. The illustrations by Paolo Pantalena sometimes works. There is fluidity to the characters when they move and often times one can sense the emotion they are projecting. But Pantalena does go a bit overboard with the cheesecake, even if its a trademark of Aspen Comics titles, and the facial expressions don’t necessarily add up here and there. Still, the positives, namely the colors, outweigh the negatives and makes it worth a look.

Jirni has potential to be a series to be read. J.T. Krul has developed an interesting concept with history that feels unique. The artwork works sometimes and then it doesn’t, but Paolo Pantalena does a good enough job to make it decent while the coloring by Brett Smith is excellent. I’m not sure if I want to recommend the title just yet, but I still think it at least deserves a peek.

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