Review Journey into Mystery #648 “Sif’s exile”





Lady Sif had a spell on her, and now she’s battle crazed. The blood lust of the berserker spell runs ramped in her veins. Now Heimdall has had little choice but to exile her. With hopes her exile to a forgotten island brimming with ancient beasts and monster will saté her appetite for war. With the aid of three warriors that have come before her, she begins her hunt for abominations the realms have forgotten.

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Journey into Mystery issue 648 is reminiscent of its early issues. Writer Kathryn Immonen pens the character of Sif much like the early Thor. She is arrogant, brash, and calls to war. Kathryn’s mastery of Asgardian phrasing illuminates her affection for the characters. The story arc is very interesting, following in the footsteps of Thor in her exile. Her haughtiness and love for battle becoming too much for Asgard and just like Thor she is forced out to defeat her own nature. The scripting in the issue is fantastic. There was not a wasted bit of dialogue throughout the whole issue. This is rare quality to find in a comic book. I have found in most comics there always seems to be some bit of writing that feels out of place or over obvious. Kathryn Immonen navigates thought this issue with virtually seamless transitions.


The aesthetic design of this issue is a surreal amalgam of Silver age and modern comic book art. Artist Valerio Schiti gives this issue its structure, and Inker Jordie Bellaire provides its detail. But it is colorist VC’s Clayton Cowles that bestows this issues its depth. The color contrast in the issues is unequivocally visionary. Each panel leaps of the page with the vibrant life the Cowles creates. This allows the reader the ability to notice every portion of the art work, granting the issues an intensity or gentleness to which the dialogue dictates.

I highly enjoyed Journey into Mystery 648. It was well scripted and action packed, with a color display that could only be described as awe-inspiring. The entire team worked in perfect concert to deliver a well-balanced issue. It is apparent to me that everyone did their homework before writing this issue. I give Journey into Mystery #648 a 9 out of 10. Do not play around with a woman of Asgard and read this issue.



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