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The battle lines have been drawn and a war wages on the surface as the waters begin to rise. Two titans of the sea clash in this epic finale.  Now the hostilities breed a new malevolence long assumed to be deceased scuttles from the darkest depths of the ocean. This ancient menace calls only one master and brings forth a danger so great that ranks of warring brothers converge as one. As a new King of Atlantis is crowned a traitor is rooted out. Now only one question remains, what role will the Justice League play in the affairs of the sea?

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If I had to describe Justice League issue 17 in just one word that word would be anticlimactic. The “Thrones of Atlantis” arc has been the best overall Justice League story that has been told since the New 52 release. Unfortunately I felt that Geoff Johns held back on this issue.  He did not deliver the definitive finale that the entire arc built up to. The overall issue was great, the dialogue was strong and the character interactions were profound but the conclusion was not what I was hoping for. This comic displayed more of a cerebral battle compared to the absolute physical domination that the Justice League has displayed in the past. The war of words between Orm and Aquaman was awe inspiring. There is a moment when Orm confesses that when he learned he had a brother trapped on the surface that he wanted to dash off and rescue him that made me really feel for Orm’s plight. As I have said time and time again Geoff Johns is a virtuoso of narrative.


The Justice League stand as shining example of how to illustrate a comic book, taking account for every turned stone and rushing wave. As I have said before I’m not normally a fan of multiple artists working on one comic but the team of Ivan Reis and Paul Pelletier works in near perfect concert.  Neither one of these artists took the other for granted and gave a full and complete effort on every panel. Their artistic aesthetic are very similar to one another’s and blend seamlessly in to the pages of this comic. For me the real heroes of this comic book are the inkers Joe Prado, Oclair Albert, and Sean Parsons. These talented individuals bring life to the art and highlight the Pencilers talent. Every detail leaps from the pages from the scales of Aquaman’s armor to the feathers of Hawkman’s wings. This is an exceptional artistic team and it shows in every page.

This was an ok finish to the best Justice League arc thus far. It was well written issue with amazing artwork. The finale left the reader wanting for a definitive end for Orm and Vulko. I really wanted more from the climax but I can accept what Geoff Johns delivers. I give Justice League #17 a 7.5 out of 10. The climax sunk this arc.

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  1. I was hoping for much more in the end. I was born a DC fan and Im alittle worried about whats happening to the Franchise.

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