Review: Makeup Artist


I played Makeup Artist on my DS , and i think it’s time for a review. The story of the game is that your character is a new student at Makeup Manor, which is an elite school that its graduates  have gone on to become famous makeup artists.

There’s “classrooms” where you are introduced to the basics of makeup: how to properly apply foundation, blush, eyeshadow and lipstick. Also you learn how to properly moisturize skin, so its ready for makeup.


Makeup Manor is were the student lives while completing the year. You get your room, where you change clothes, play with makeup, save the game or rest.


There’s makeup requests where you get to work on clients helping  them out with their makeup problems, and depending on how good you do, you get better status as a makeup artist.

You can also go around town asking for advice or also to get “part-time” jobs. For example at a Flower Shop where you give as many orders as fast as you can for your clients:


At the Beauty Shop you get to buy any items you need for either the job requests or just for yourself:


It’s a pretty good game, but very very girly, it’s entertaining and you learn some helpful makeup tips while playing!

I recommend this game to every girly girl:)